How much boost can a stock engine take

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I did it funny that the OP claims to have had much more powerful cars, and he has a big turbo, LSD, ect And still asks how much PSI the engine can hold. Either he's making shit up or he's trolling

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Some stock engines are able to reliably make 100 or more horsepower when turbocharged on the stock internals. However, for engines with weak internals --- and/or if you're looking for the maximum possible horsepower out of your engine --- replace the engine internals with high-strength, turbo-specific units so that the engine can handle ...

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Jun 18, 2016 · To get the real boost reading you will need to subtract your atmospheric pressure first, which is typically 14.7PSI at sea level. If you are in a higher elevation region this might be less. After logging with my VCDS I threw the data into an excel sheet and was really confused by the results. It said I was holding boost at 20PSI.

If your example engine makes 150 horsepower naturally aspirated, then you can estimate an extra 10.5 horsepower per pound of boost with a turbo and 7.5 to 9 more horses for a supercharger. If you're running 8 psi of boost, then that's an approximate 234 horsepower with a turbo and 210 to 222 with a supercharger. The engine has stock internals, only mods are Mass Flow Sensor package, 944T injectors, and high flow fuel pump. I can adjust timing, fuel, and control intake temperature. I just want to know (under ideal conditions, assuming it has adequate fuel, timing control, and sufficient oil cooling and intercooling) how much power the 3.2 can take ...