Ivf follicle size day 9

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Seventy five IU rFSH per day were administerd on days 3-11. Buserelin was given one day before the first FSH injection. Serum LH gradually declined from 3.8 IU/l on cycle day 1 to 0.9 IU/l on cycle day 11. After several days, serum FSH concentration was comparable to that measured on cycle day 1 (3-5 IU/l).

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When a doctor is satisfied with the number and size of the follicles, the patient will take a drug to force the eggs to “mature.” Thirty-five to thirty-six hours later, a fertility doctor will use a small needle, using ultrasound guidance, to pierce through the vaginal wall to access the ovaries. Mature Follicles: During the course of ovarian stimulation, you'll visit the clinic so that the specialists can keep an eye on the number and size of the follicles developing. A mature and viable follicle which is ready to release an egg should ideally be close to 20mm long. How many antral follicles should there be for a good response to IVF?

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I'm not sure how many follicles there were, I looked on the screen and saw about 12 in one ovary and 9 in the other roughly. They ranged in size but the biggest was 15mm by something. I have just come back from the hospital after having a blood test to check my hormone levels but I am thinking this is not looking good.

Follicles are mature at 18mm or larger with an estrogen level of 200 or more. There is no "required" follicle size for cycle days. Size of follicles in relationship to cycle days varies from cycle to cycle. Maturity of follicles has nothing to do with cycle days. They will be mature when they reach the above mentioned sizes and hormone levels.Apr 16, 2015 · During in vitro fertilization (IVF), it's important for fertility specialists to monitor the number and size of follicles as they are developing in order to ensure optimal results. Fertility drugs are used in order to promote the growth of follicles and then to trigger ovulation and the release of viable eggs.