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May 10, 2020 · Read also: Torque Converter: It’s Working Principle & It’s Parts. Working Principle of Clutch. The clutch works on the principles of friction, when two friction surfaces are bought in contact with each other and pressed they are united due to the friction between them. If one is revolved, the other will also revolve.

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working with various instruments and controllers. You will learn to program, connect input/output devices, as well as how to troubleshoot process controls including sensors, transmitters, controllers and final elements. Use various instruments to measure temperature, pressure, flow rate, level and position, pH and analysis and weight and density. See full list on

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(ii) Rotameter reading, Ra (Nm3/hr)) taken during the suction time. (iii) Temperature of venturi reading, T (oc) recorded during the suction time . (iv) Sampling time, t (minutes). The rotameter was calibrated so that 100 divisions on the rotameter = Y (Nm3/hr) of the gas flow and therefore, the rotameter reading. 114. Working principle of dead weight pressure gauge tester is based on (a) Pascal’s law (b) Dalton’s law of partial pressure (c) Newton’s law of viscosity . (d) Avogadro’s hypothesis (e) Second law of thermodynamic. Ans: a. 115. The resultant of all normal pressures acts (a) at e.g. of body (b) at center of pressure (c) vertically upwards

Flow Rate Calculated based on the Velocity-Area Principle - Flow rate or discharge in an open conduit, channel or river can be calculated with the velocity-area principle Flow Units Converter - Convert between volume flow units - gpm, liter/sec, cfm, m 3 /h - an online flow unit calculator ANSWER If the current running through your wire is high enough to be detected by the model CCT you have, then you can simply single wrap it as you have shown in the attached PDF you provided. However, if the current is too low to be detected, then you would want to wrap the wire around until the current is high enough to be detected.